You're Stronger Than You Think...

You're Stronger Than You Think...

You're Stronger Than You Think...

I really love our Fridge-to-go community – I get so much strength from you and really appreciate you. Thank you.

Last year, my family had a real challenge when I was diagnosed with early breast cancer. It felt as though it came from out of the blue and it made me STOP. Really stop. I underwent treatment, chemotherapy and radiation, and had multiple surgeries. It was (and is) a time of soul searching. Having time to think and think deeply. Family and friends came together and held my family in the most loving way. We saw a support and connection that we hadn’t really stopped to fully appreciate. I appreciate it now let me tell you. Every morning the sun rises and I feel the warmth and light that means I’m alive. It feels good. I live differently now.

There are so many questions but mostly reflections on life. Why are we here? What is really important? I’m sure we all have these thoughts at different stages of our life, especially in the face of challenges that we’re not sure how we’ll maneuver through. I’m a different person now. I think I’m a better person. I’m trying to listen more and listen deeper. My family and friends are my everything. Without connection and love – of course love – nothing else matters. This was my biggest lesson along with learning to look after myself. Really look after me. I’ve always done a good job of putting my kids and partner as a top priority and they still are. Filling up my tank and ensuring that I’m good and even great is now a must as well. When my tank is full, I have more for everyone else and I’m able to give so much more.

There have been many lessons I’ve come across in my journey and I’ve been writing them down and actually writing a book. I am writing to my children who don’t like to listen to their parents (what child does?) and share my philosophies that might work as a road map of sorts. Of course we’re all on our own unique journey, but I promise to share it with you all first as this community has been so supportive. Thank you for continuing to support us at Fridge-to-go, even when things were upside down in the background and you were unaware.

I’m more passionate than ever to educate and share the gift of healthy eating, reducing waste and having the energy to live to our fullest potential. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and reflections. I know for a fact that we are all on a crazy treadmill and slowing down is ok. Actually it’s even a great idea. Try meditating – try anything. Get inside your head and sit with it. Especially if it’s uncomfortable. There’s magic on the other side of this discomfort. Get out into nature and connect.

My oldest son spoke about me as his role model at the end of the year at school in a speech and made me so proud. I know he’s come through this stronger and with open eyes. That can’t be a bad thing and he’s shown me how when you’re given lemons, you make lemonade!

Sending out oodles of love, Noelle x