Healthy Snacks Fast...

Healthy Snacks Fast...

Healthy Snacks Fast...

As we are all running this race called life, I know I am always getting stopped in my tracks due to extreme hunger pains and no time to grab something. Or should I say, no time to grab something healthy. How can we get through this until our next meal?

Planning is the key if you can get in the routine and ensure you have snacks that are close and easy to grab.

I have been known to whip up a batch of bliss balls in my Thermomix (which makes things easier but any food processor or hand blender will suffice) and I’ve been taking it up a notch lately and ensuring there are ALWAYS some in the fridge!

There are so many brilliant bliss ball concoctions you can test drive with your kids and you can google great recipes to get started. There are so many options, especially if you have dietary requirements or allergies – of course most primary schools have a no-nut policy too. Don’t let that stop you as there are so many different items to throw in these (dates, apricots, chia seeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, tahini, maple syrup, protein powder, hemp seeds, etc) and it’s easy to make them taste good whether you go sweet or savoury!

Get super creative and involve the kids, they'll have a better chance of eating them too. Choose a base, liquid, flavour and outer layer – it doesn’t get easier than that!! Every magazine you pick up lately has another bliss ball recipe so you won’t struggle for inspiration!! Give them a go and let us know what works for you so we can all try it!

Lately I’ve got into raw caramel slices (cut into small squares as these are super sweet) and have them in the freezer all the time – the whole family LOVES them.

There are plenty of recipes out there but here’s mine in case you want to wing it. EVERYONE will not believe that there is NO WHITE SUGAR in this (ie no processed sugar, only the natural stuff from Mother Nature!).

Popping a super-packed bliss ball or raw caramel slice in your mouth might even prevent that inevitable headache and irritation that creeps up. Drink water all day too as sometimes that and a hit of protein is all that’s needed to prevent that adult meltdown!! Happy bliss balling!