Travelling with medication...

Travelling with medication...

Travelling with medication...

One of the most common questions we are asked is how to transport medication that requires cooling while traveling overseas. Not only can we help, but the logistics. How do the bags work? And more importantly, are they effective in keeping medication cool over an extended period? Keep in mind that of course it depends on the medication and conditions as many have different requirements and different experiences. Let's unpack what this means.

As a guide, our 2-pen standard medical wallet - our hero product by far - stays fridge cold, ie 2-8C up to 8-10 hours. This works for a day out although the big question is does it work when going overseas? The answer is potentially yes. We suggest keeping your medical bag in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours so it's good and frozen. Then after placing medication in the fully charged (cold) bag, ensuring it stays zipped up (just like keeping the door of your fridge closed without letting the cool air out), you should get extended cooling time. This is the same premise as thawing a piece of frozen chicken in the fridge vs the counter, it cools down slower (than being on the counter out of the fridge). The end result is that items kept in this cool environment maintain their coolness longer, often getting through a long haul, or multiple flights.

Additionly, we have a mini single-pen medical bag for quick trips like a meal out, ie 3-5 hours and this bag is smaller and can easily fit inside a handbag or smaller bag. This bag is a great complement to the 2-pen bag depending on how long you require cooling so you can mix and match.

It's also worth noting that all our panels in the medical bags are 'built-in' so people can't leave them behind. The volume of panels is noted with each bag and we've been asked about carrying these in your carry on baggage and if there are any issues. We've never had any (my partner carries this 2-pen bag regularly overseas). If there's an opportunity to put the whole bag (and medication) in a fridge (ie on the plane) it can extend the cooling and some have success with this. If not, the bag still tends to perform.

Our newest bag that might also appeal is our larger bulk medical wallet that can hold a lot more medication, especially if you need to travel for an extended period. This bag has made life so much easier for one of our happy customers and she was happy to share her experience -

'I want to tell you about my trip issues with medication! My flight Brisbane to LAX - the bag was perfect! It stayed cold and was amazing. Flight home. Bag was GREAT from Boston to LAX. It stayed so cold! I LOVE my Fridge to go bag!! I will never travel with anything else! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this bag!! I'm also happy to share my story to help you reach more people with essential Thrombolysis and JAK2 like me.'
- Kirsty, Frequent Traveler

See our full range of medical travel bags here.

We suggest getting a letter from your doctor advising that you need to carry medication that requires cooling as a further backup that can't hurt.

Just because you need to take medication, doesn't mean you should get out there and live and do whatever your heart desires!! If our bags have helped you get freedom, please let us know - send your photos and stories - we LOVE to share!!

If you haven't test driven one of our bags (we always suggest you do this first before traveling!) then give them a go.

Happy travels!