Insulin Cooler Medical Travel Wallet STANDARD (2-Pen) 1211
Insulin Cooler Medical Travel Wallet LARGE (Bulk) 1211L

Insulin Cooler Medical Travel Bag MINI (Single-Pen)


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SKU: FTG-1211M

Our Standard 2-Pen Insulin Cooler is super effective for a day out, but if you just want to pop out for dinner or to the shops, the Mini Single-Pen version has your name on it.

- Ideal for EpiPens or pens/vials as the insulated case maintains the pen at room temperature. Measures 20.98 x 4.98 x 8.99 cm.
– EASY TO USE if cooling required – put wallet in the freezer overnight (in freezer bag provided), fill and go. This unique Fridge-to-go MINI Travel Bag is made with quality materials to last for short trips.

A SIMPLE SOLUTION for carrying your medication out with you. The panels (2 x 76ml each) inside the bag are built-in so you don’t need to remember to replace them.

ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER – ‘This doesn’t even compare to other travel cooler bags. This one actually works and has given me a new freedom. I highly recommend this product, you have to try it.’ – Rob (diabetic for 22 years).

– Single elastic loop for ease of use.

At GetBacktoBasix we stand by our high quality products and offer a 12-month no-hassle replacement guarantee.

STOP WORRYING about transporting your medication. Test drive our Standard and Mini Size Medical Travel Wallets NOW.

Disclaimer – Our product is insulated to help maintain desired temperatures and we always suggest that you consult your doctor before using so you are confident as to the temperature required for your medication.

**Note - See images of our 3 medical cooler bags showing all 3 sizes we have on offer to assist:

1211L - LARGE Bulk Medical Cooler Bag
1211 - STANDARD Medical Cooler Bag
1211M - MINI Medical Cooler Bag