Insulin Cooler Medical Travel Wallet LARGE (Bulk) 1211L

SKU: 1211L

Insulin Cooler Medical Travel Wallet LARGE (Bulk) 1211L - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Need a solution to keep your medication cool when you're traveling for months at a time? A larger size because you just can't find the right one? We produced this unique cooler bag which is a larger version of our most popular 'standard' size that is ideal if you need to take more than 2-4 injectable pens or vials with you. 

Just like the standard size, store the Large Medical Travel Wallet in the freezer (inside the soft freezer bag) all the time so it’s ready to go in a snap.

– Designed for transportation and cool storage of medical supplies
– Ideal for medications that require cooling while outside of the refrigerator
– Thicker than our standard size (by 2cm measuring from the outside of the bag) and it fits conveniently in any carry bag
– Slim-line & compact for easy storage
– Rear zippered storage compartment
– Durable, easy to clean exterior
– Surround cooling ideal for travel
– BPA, PVC, lead and Phthlate-free
– Built in panels so you never forget to put them back inside (3 panels in this bulk version vs the 2 panels in the standard size)
– FREE freezer bag to keep your wallet clean
– 120ml of liquid in each panel (2 panels in wallet)
– Liquid is non-toxic purified salt water
- BLACK available
- Measures 23 x 7 x 11 cm.

Recent review by a very happy customer - 'I'm on an oncology drug that needs to be kept cool and I take an injection every 2 weeks - then I am able to live a 'normal' life. This larger medical travel bag has given me the freedom to take 6 months of medication with me as I travel the world for work. The flexibility this bag has given me is indescribable. Thank you for giving me back my freedom.'

Model FTG-1211L

**Note - See images of our 3 medical cooler bags showing all 3 sizes we have on offer to assist:

1211L - LARGE Bulk Medical Cooler Bag
1211 - STANDARD Medical Cooler Bag (2-pen bag although fits up to 4 loose)
1211M - MINI Medical Cooler Bag (single-pen bag although fits 2-3 loose)