Family Time & Fun? in Uncertain Times

Family Time & Fun? in Uncertain Times

Family Time & Fun? in Uncertain Times

Everything in the world has changed. How do we keep our families happy and healthy and keep putting one foot in front of the other? Well, we just do.

We all need to be realistic and vigilant and re-frame the situation. We need to be positive for our kids and ourselves and know that ... this too shall pass. The sooner we all take action and stay safe with our families, the sooner we can go back to many of our freedoms.

So in the meantime, what do we do?

We get creative and do what works for your family. Kids are eLearning and schools have really stepped up to ensure they keep as much structure as possible and continue to learn. They might even enjoy the change of pace especially with an emphasis on technology. This is how technology can be used for good and all around the world there are good news stories of how the digital age is spreading information and new initiatives. Humanity is amazing.

If you need to stay home then tell the whole family you're going to clean and re-organise the whole house - my kids were even quite excited about this! It's a great time to learn how to clean a bathroom and contribute to running the household. Make it fun with rubber gloves and bubbles. The point is not the clean bathroom, although that's a nice side effect, but the experiences you're having together.

Get out into the garden and spend time planting things, weeding, trimming and general tidying. Teach kids about how food grows and be sure to water it regularly to show them how to be responsible. Set up an adventure obstacle course and get the whole family involved with races.

Maybe you don't have a garden and you're in an apartment. This is my mother's reality and she's been spending 30 minutes a day running up and down the stairwell as no one else is around. Think outside the square and you can come up with all sorts of ideas to make it fun.

Get crafty. We have clay and plasticine and have been accumulating a few other items to play with. Create excitement doing different things and collaborate with your kids so they get to choose activities and it's not only parent-run activities! Check out Paging Fun Mums as they have a ton of brilliant ideas! Cook with the kids or let them loose with some recipes from Get Kids Cooking and then let them make dinner and pick the menu - that's always interesting!

Staying active and interacting with your family is so important at this time. We're set to play every board game and construct every puzzle in the house. At the same time we're going to make piles of things we don't need any more to give away and pass on so we end up clearing spaces and getting organised.

Going for hikes in the bush (keeping a good distance from others) are another great way to get outside in the sun, get your vitamin d hit, and cure cabin fever. Take a picnic using your child's Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bag or your bigger Fridge-to-go Mini Fridge 12 bag and have magical adventures that can last for hours especially if you can find a remote spot. Slowing time down to be present and create memories can only be a good thing.

Read or listen to audio books (I'm an Audible addict!). Watch movies - share all the classics and favourites from your own childhood. There are educational documentaries that still enable you to travel the globe through your screen. If screen time is controlled and used properly it can be a great connector for a family - make homemade pizzas and popcorn!

It's a time to connect and re-connect with all of your family and friends here and around the world. FaceTime family and let your kids connect with their friends to get doses as needed. Make time. Life is short and so precious. 

We'll all remember this time so let's make it count. Let's connect. Stay safe. x