Are You Wired to See the Light?

Are You Wired to See the Light?

Are You Wired to See the Light?

What a crazy time it is right now. Country by country we're going into lockdown and being told to isolate in our homes to stay safe. We're being told to social distance and not touch each other, in other words to detach and disconnect. No one could have predicted this (except Bill Gates in his amazing 2014 TED talk) and it's more far fetched than the weirdest science-fiction movie we could imagine. Is all hope lost?

Definitely NOT. Hope is far from lost and actually now is the time I'm seeing evidence of it everywhere. I'm wired to see the light, I can't help it. Three years ago I was diagnosed with early breast cancer and I had to face my own mortality. I saw myself on the cliff edge peering over and wondered what it all meant. I had multiple treatments, including surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, and this tested me. The worst time of day was 4-5am when I'd wake up thinking it was all a dream. But it wasn't. I had to sit in the discomfort of the uncertainty and see that there was nothing I could do right then and there. Sure I could do little things such as ensure I had a healthy diet, good night's sleep and exercise - but I already did these things. I stepped this up by a 2mm notch (thanks Tony Robbins) because there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I accepted things as they were and worked on distracting myself. I would get pockets of time that allowed me to be fully present and forget my cancer reality. Yoga and meditation for me were the path to my soul and creativity. They still are. I recognised that the world was a beautiful place and my creative mind came to the forefront. I really listened to the voices in my head and started allowing their stories and personalities to show through and they soothed me and showed me the next step. And the next step. Baby steps was my mantra. I was a Breast Cancer Warrior (not survivor) and I am still here, new and improved. What does that mean for you?

We all know someone who has or has had a medical condition that altered their life. That had to wake up in the morning hoping their reality was a dream. That had to change how they did things because their normal was a new normal. Now, as we are all in lockdown and stuck and can't move, we have a glimpse into how this fear of mortality felt for these people as we all experience it. Not one human on the planet isn't affected by Covid-19. We are all at risk. But, I imagine that every human who has ever had a medical challenge is doing pretty well right now. This is just another challenge to acknowledge, accept and even embrace. When things are not in your control, there is nothing to do. They are the hidden superheroes that know how to get through a tough time and even rise to the occasion.

The biggest gift I received from my cancer experience was recognising our need as humans to LOVE, CONNECT and LAUGH. We are NOT disconnecting right now as we're finding ways to connect and make time for those special people in our lives. We're telling them we love them over and over - and telling funny jokes. We're making time because we have it in spades to do all those things we've been meaning to do. We are coming together and showing our human spirit more than ever. We will not only survive this, we will overcome it and be better. Each and every one of us will be a better kinder human to each other, the Earth and especially ourselves.

This is a turning point for us as humans for sure and we need to recognise what it is and embrace that which we can control. We need to sit in the discomfort, because we have no choice - this is beyond our control.

If anyone needs help or anything, PM me and please reach out. In Australia go here for more support - there's help everywhere. Connect with your people, you have time.

'You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.' - Wayne Dyer