You Have All You Need...

You Have All You Need...

You Have All You Need...

Looking back on my life, it’s amazing to see that I’ve always been the same. I’ve grown and had different interests, but the person I am inside is the same.

The little girl in me is there. I’ve even named her Sally and she loves to do cartwheels (that is perhaps another story!). At a recent yoga retreat we had to close our eyes and imagine ourselves at 5 years old. I loved playing outside in nature, laughing and being free. I was safe and had no cares in the world. Then we had to remember ourselves at 10 years old. I remember how I loved reading, especially Nancy Drew mysteries and how my sister and I planned on reading every book in our school library. By 20 years old (we went up by 5 year increments) I was at university learning to be independent and I re-discovered reading again – Richard Peck and the Road Less Traveled started my self-help journey that I’m still on!

Now in my 40s I’ve discovered that Sally is truly alive and her cartwheels are better than ever. I have a vivacious appetite for reading books – self-help, business, health, fiction, listening to books on Audible (Understanding Women by Alison Armstrong is HILARIOUS – she should be a stand up comedian – and guaranteed to teach you something!) and listening to podcasts (such as Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Marie Forleo…). I can’t get enough new info to help me grow.

Recently I was asked why I felt like I had to read and listen to podcasts and fill this appetite for knowledge that was never ending. That was such a great question. Gathering all this new info has made me deliberate and be present. Tim Ferriss said that he believed if you crammed info into your head even if you consciously didn’t remember it, unconsciously you could get it out of your archives as needed. I totally believe that and am counting on being able to do this! I love to learn, grow and then share this info with others. It helps me connect and then to see them grow and be inspired is the icing on the cake. This feeds my soul and makes me feel alive. It fuels me and is what makes me, me. Question answered!

I’m the same person inside as I was at 5 and 25 and will continue to be at 50, 60, 90, 100 – FYI – I’ve revised my ideal life expectancy to live until 126 years old!.

Everything I need has always been there and will remain there.

Do you know what’s really inside you? You’ve always been there so make sure you check in and visit regularly – trust yourself!

The World needs that gift that only you have. – Marie Forleo (