Why Are we in Such a Rush?

Why Are we in Such a Rush?

Why Are we in Such a Rush?

I was given the most magical book, the Art of Wellbeing, Joyous Living Inspired by Nature. It’s beautiful in its content and gorgeous drawn images that show an author who has time.

I think we all dream of having more time. The one thing we can’t bottle, time! Thank you for producing this Meredith Gaston and to my beautiful friend K who gifted it to me!

I’ve been on a healing journey myself over the last year and this book summarises most of what I’ve learnt and now focus on as a priority in my life. How did Meredith get inside my head!?

The book is split into delicious sections – Energise, Comfort, Nourish and Blossom. This book makes me want to doodle and be creative!

Meredith’s Top 10 Tips for cultivating well-being in daily life are pure gold – Choose Joy, Love the Earth, Eat Real Food, Simplify, Prioritise Self Care, Rest, Relax, Move Your Body, Hydrate, Connect. Wow, this is the recipe for life and it’s simple and logical and soooo freaking obvious. We all know this stuff. Why don’t we carry through?

I’m going to ask you a favour. Please STOP. Really, stop. Life is going so fast – even my 8 year old asks me why we’re always in such a rush? Kids are so smart? I don’t have an answer other than, I don’t know why we always rush. Let’s stop. Now every Sunday my family sits on the floor together and talks and connects for 10 minutes. 10 minutes – who doesn’t have 10 minutes? My husband and I say some wonderful things we’ve noticed from the kids and each other during the week and make it super positive and uplifting. This is one thing we’re doing and we keep doing and I feel so connected to my family and I don’t feel like we’re missing each other in the rush of life – all because of 10 minutes. Go ahead and steal the concept – I won’t tell anyone! Make it your own. I’ve told my 8 year old he can control the next one even if he just wants to play music for us for the whole time. 10 minutes of concentrated attention.

Beyond the health of your family is the health and sanity of yourself. Go buy this book or better yet buy 2 and gift one to another amazing person who needs it. Then grab a cup of peppermint tea and take some time for you!

Meditation is a new found love of mine along with yoga and this is one way I’ve found more time for me – without finding more time.