Worrying is Pointless

Worrying is Pointless

Worrying is Pointless

Raising kids make you really dissect how you live and breathe. Are we doing this thing called 'life' correctly? Is there such a thing. I think about this a lot knowing I'm a role model and my kids see and feel what I do so much more than what I say (teens right!?). It's time to give ourselves a break.


I believe we're all doing our best with what we have at the time. Imagine if we allowed this space we give others to give ourselves a break. We all live inside our heads so much, it's deafening and exhausting.


Today I found this advice from The Daily Stoic (which I love)-

The Stoics had this very much in hand—the whole issue of, what is the function of worry? Either you can do something about the problem right now or you can’t. If you can do something about the problem, do whatever that is. And if you can’t, worry doesn’t add anything to your capacity to do anything—it just makes you miserable twice over.


If you want even more master advice on helping anxiety check out the link. We're all human and all suffer in some way.


I started to dive into the world of worry when I found Dale Carnegie's book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Listening to this on Audible is even more powerful! We control our state and how we show up. There are tools to help so free your mind!


If you're really struggling, reach out as there is always someone around to listen. Peace and love.

**Gorgeous image by Rebecca Swainston.