We love growing with your children...

We love growing with your children...

We love growing with your children...

When we started our Fridge-to-go business 14 years ago, we never imagined what a ride it would be and how we would adapt and change. I was on maternity leave with my first son and enjoying having time and rediscovering the world alongside him. We had so much variety with park visits, beach trips, zoo adventures and interacting with our mother's group. My husband thought I needed a project and Fridge-to-go became our second baby. I love seeing how our business has evolved to its current stage as our kids and those around us have grown and changed. They say if you don't change you die.

My son is now 14 and that's how I remember how old our business is. My husband, who's a Type 1 Diabetic, brought the Fridge-to-go medical range to Australia and we soon added the lunch bags and larger cooler bags knowing they were perfect for this HOT sun-burnt country. At one point we had just about every Fridge-to-go bag made to test drive what our customers wanted. We asked and you answered. The lunch bags, especially the medium size, has been our hero from the start.

I used both the small and medium lunch bags to carry or store breast milk and this is what initially really impressed me about their coolness after slaving away with my manual breast pump, every drop was precious. We attended the PBC Expos and loved educating pregnant mums and new parents as we all navigated the crazy baby world together. We introduced patterns and parents of young kids reacted with glee! As my baby grew, we ensured we had accessories that were really useful and stood the test of time. The Squeez'Ems was invaluable as I pureed my own baby food and we transitioned to yogurt.

Once my son was pre-school age he showed more independence wanting to carry his own lunch bag and we often baked yummy snacks together and shared his love of healthy tasty food. We introduced velcro sandwich and snack wraps that are easy for little fingers to manage and learned how important snack time was and what a difference it made to prevent tantrums.

Starting primary school was an adventure by this time as I had another toddler on the go. My son learned how to look after his own items and recognise his lunch bag from his friends using our bag tags. Recently having a small compact hand sanitiser on hand in my younger son's lunch bag has been invaluable. It's there so he can't forget! School lunches have been the most exciting for me as I realised how many parents were really struggling to get beyond the basic Vegemite sandwich because of the heat.

As my son started high school he moved back to our original Fridge-to-go bags and solid bold colours. He wanted a simple colour that didn't make a statement, but did the job as food for a teenager is pivotal especially in their busy lives. My son has evolved well past the basic sandwich for lunch. We found parents and kids alike were screaming for the bento box and spork to pack leftovers or a quick thrown together salad in their lunch bag. We don't need to stop at kids as people of all ages are discovering our practical lunch accessories and they're perfect for work or uni.

Every item we have came from a need we had in our own family. We use everything we offer and these items need to stand the test of time. I love that we offer a 12 month warranty on our bags because this is a pleasant surprise for parents that simply don't expect it. Our customers are our lifeline and WE LOVE sharing our products with you and your family to make your life healthier and easier. Our customers tell their friends about us and are raving fans. Thank you and watch this space for our loyalty program. X