How to STOP...

How to STOP...

How to STOP...

In my morning yoga class – where I find my creative inspiration – the teacher ended the class with some inspiring words that really resonated with me and I’m already implementing his strategy. S.T.O.P.

This was very powerful and is a brilliant tool to tap into anytime I need to make a big decision, calm myself down, curb my anxiety, stop do-ing more be-ing and generally get out of automatic pilot. We all click back into automatic pilot without even noticing – you know what I’m talking about. When we get out of that habit and function with more purpose, magic happens. In the rain waiting for the rain to slow down under cover, we find a few moments to have a chat with an elderly woman and make them smile – how good does the make you feel? Or you really enjoy that morning coffee as it takes you away to a solitary magical place of peace and quiet. Maybe you tap into that run you’re on and wake up to your surroundings – smell the fresh air and trees and listen to the birds.

So S.T.O.P. breaks down to:

S – STOP (obvious but not always easy)

T – Take 3 breaths (like you tell your children to do when they’re really angry or having a tantrum to calm themselves down)

O – Observe (what happens to your body when you’re breathing and taking a moment for yourself? Did you change your state?)

P – Proceed with LOVE and KINDNESS (first to yourself and then extend to those around you)

Repeat as required, especially ‘T’ and ‘O’…

I love this. Permission to again get moving but only with LOVE and KINDNESS. Take as long as you need and do this as often as necessary. I’m going to be teaching this to my family next!

I know all the things I’m meant to do so that I stop and take care of myself and fill up my cup, but I definitely have my moments when I need to be reminded to jump off that moving train and re-connect.  With myself and my people. What I need is unique to me and is a constant work in progress as I change and what I need changes. You need to tap in and find out what you need to fill up your cup so it’s spilling over with LOVE and KINDNESS and then you have so much more to give your family and everyone else. Put yourself first – everyone will benefit.

So now you have a new strategy. It’s simple. It’s easy to remember. Will you actually use it? This is my gift to you. It’s free and I’m giving it to you with LOVE and KINDNESS.

Today is a new day so make it everything it can be and more.