Live Your Ideal Day...

Live Your Ideal Day...

Live Your Ideal Day...

It’s easy to say, I’ll do that later. Later can be a long time away and sometimes it’s never.

What are you waiting for? I know you have things to do, people to help, places to go… Sometimes we need to stop. And you’re allowed.

Lately I’ve had a couple different special people around me die. I’m thinking about death more and more. Not because I’m afraid of dying – I can’t control that so I don’t put too much time there. I know that we are mortal and our time here in this body is limited as I see these reminders. I really feel this reality as I get older (and my kids get older) and am realising the truth in this more and more. It’s different for everyone but I think it’s good to think about sometimes so you can live your best life ever now.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Enjoy Life. Smile More. Laugh More. There are so many wonderful quotes that tell us to stop, but honestly other than LOVING them on Instagram, do we actually do these things? I know I do somethings and I don’t sometimes. It’s hard to just ‘be’ and live in the moment but it’s possible and it does make a difference in the quality of your life.

So back to your Ideal Day. You don’t need money, the ideal partner/friends or anything to help you do this. This is for you. Look inside. What is your Ideal Day?

I’ll share my Ideal Day in case it helps you get going –

Rise with the sun (ideally and I LOVE the quiet time while everyone else sleeps!).
Meditate. (the Insight Timer app is free and amazing!)
Move with some yoga stretches. (Kids may join in and give me morning cuddles which is always heavenly).
Eat a super yummy healthy breakfast at our favourite beach cafe (Girdlers is a fav) with the special people in my life.
Take a beach walk (listen to music/an inspiring podcast).
Work/write for 2-3 hours (I enjoy it and like to know what’s happening in our business and can work remotely which is a bonus). Writing feeds my soul and helps me look inside.
Meet a friend for coffee and talk about life (I love to go deep or not).
Plan a yummy home cooked dinner for and with my special people – invite more special people.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour (10pm is ideal and always read before bed).
Go with the flow and try not to have the whole day planned to account for any adventure that may present itself.

I want you to know that of course I don’t live this Ideal Day every day. I have responsibilities like everyone, but I try to include most of these things on a regular basis in my day according to what I feel I need. This Ideal Day will change and that’s what makes it even more exciting and ‘my’ Ideal Day.

Take the time to think of what your Ideal Day would look like and start to do more of that. Baby steps. Start slowly but start now. Then increase this. Move. Listen to your body and internal voices because they love and adore you and want you to be living at your optimum level.

So what are some of the elements of your Ideal Day??