Sharing is the answer to the climate crisis

Sharing is the answer to the climate crisis

Sharing is the answer to the climate crisis

How to make the world a better place one person at a time and also tackle the climate crisis... Imagine if we all shared with our neighbors more and helped each other.

The premise is that food waste accounts for 65% of all green house gas emissions which is something each of us can control. Apparently we throw away so much food that is perfectly fine to consume, but in our fast paced lives, we don't buy just enough, we always have excess. What can we do to change these habits?

I live on the BEST cul de sac on the planet and all of the neighbours are also friends who are always looking after each other. We already do what Tessa's app does on a smaller scale -

- if we're going away and have excess food, we share it out amongst the neighbours.
- if we need someone while we're cooking/baking, we share and ask that it's NOT returned as we'll inevitably need something soon enough and they'll cancel each other out.
- if our cherry tomato vine or avocado tree give too much, the treasure is divided up amongst the neighbours.
- we go beyond food to clothing and furniture, whatever we've got.

This amazing TED talk makes me appreciate my neighbours even more and teaches you simple steps to take action towards making a difference. That's all we humans need sometimes, just a bit of a nudge and we're away. Here's Tessa' Olio app so you can find out more and see if there are other Olios near you!

Watch Tessa's inspiring TED talk here so you too can share the message of sharing and paying it forward to help as we all take control of our future for ourselves and our families.

The Fridge-to-go business has evolved to be an amazing hub of humans that love to connect, share and inspire each other and we wouldn't have it any other way. Please share and tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can do our part.

Do you have other ways of making a difference that we can share? Please let us know as we love bringing like-minded people together for the greater good of us all. xx