School Lunch Tips...

School Lunch Tips...

School Lunch Tips...

We can never have too many school lunch tips!

Do you struggle getting your child to eat? Are they always hungry? Do you find it hard to organise daily lunches easily? Do you get bored sending the same thing to school every day?

If you've said yes to any of these, we totally hear you and have your back. Here are some helpful tips...

  1. Balanced Plate:

    • Include a variety of food groups for a balanced meal.
    • Have a combo of protein, carbs, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.
  2. Portions:

    • Be mindful of portion sizes depending on how much your child eats.
    • Use smaller containers or compartments to help separate foods.
  3. Hydration:

    • Encourage water consumption to stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • Limit sugary drinks and opt for water whenever possible.
  4. Colorful Choices:

    • Choose a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Experiment with options to keep lunches visually appealing.
  5. Whole Grains:

    • Choose whole-grain bread, wraps, or pasta for added fibre and energy.
    • Whole grains contribute to a healthier, more nutritious meal.
  6. Allergen Awareness:

    • Consider food allergies and sensitivities when selecting items.
    • Clearly label or communicate allergens to ensure a safe environment.
  7. Preparation:

    • Plan and prepare lunches in advance to save time and ensure a well-thought-out meal.
    • Involve children in the process to make them more engaged and open to trying new foods.
  8. Variety:

    • Avoid monotony with a variety of foods to keep lunches interesting.
    • Rotate through different protein, grains, and fruits to prevent boredom.
  9. Temperature Control:

    • Use Fridge-to-go insulated lunchboxes and food jars to keep cold foods cool and hot foods warm (leave out the panel).
  10. Communicate:

    • Ensure all members of the family are contributing and helping with lunches (especially working towards kids doing their own lunch as a long term goal).
    • Discuss what options your kids like and don't and pay attention.

Do you have more ideas?? Please share as we love to help our community!!