My Passion Project

My Passion Project

My Passion Project

I've always wanted to make a difference, especially after my own breast cancer journey a few years ago. Life goes so fast and is so precious, yet it's not that hard to really make a difference in someone's life. This is where the Luci Pack comes in.

I've learned to stop and live in the day without worrying about what DID happen yesterday or what WILL happen tomorrow. Live in daytime compartments as Dale Carnegie would say ('How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' - my most gifted book). From this place, my passion project grew.

When I was about to start chemotherapy, I was living in total uncertainty not knowing what was happening and how tomorrow would look. My friend gave me the most magical and thoughtful pack of items to help the process be just a little bit easier. She'd been on the same journey a few years earlier and knew exactly how I was feeling and what I might need.

I still use many of these items, such as a soft warm blanket and mindfulness colouring book and I think about how self-less she was in sharing these with me. I thought there must be so many other people who would benefit from a magical pack when they're going through a hard time too.

The LUCI Treatment Gift Pack was born from this original idea and we've curated a collection of quality and multi-functional items that will be used and be appreciated. They have a small eco footprint, if any, and where possible are sourced locally. They are meant to stand the test of time and provide comfort and a warm hug when it's needed. This is a gift with heart.

Why L.U.C.I.? Well I started writing, usually at 3am, and discovered Luci living inside me. L.ove U.unlocks C.onnection I.nstantly. I realised that my life was very complete and could visualise my family being nurtured and held up by so of my people from around the world.  The key ingredients are always love and connection and this is what makes the world go round.

The Luci Pack includes:

  • Bambury Blanket
  • Corban & Blair Recycled Leather Notebook
  • Lamy Metal Pen
  • Wheatbag Love Pack
  • Boc & Co Soy Candle
  • Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bag
  • Maverick Vacuum Metal Bottle
  • Grown Alchemist Travel Hand Sanitiser

Although this gift pack has been put together with a specific purpose in mind, there’s no reason this same gift pack wouldn’t be the perfect thoughtful gift for someone on any journey - pregnancy, baby, retiring, death in the family, thank you, milestone, etc. It's about making a difference to one person. One person at a time.

To further spread the message of love and connection, we are giving Like Family (formerly Home Care Heros) $5 from every pack we sell to help pay it forward. These heroes help individuals beat isolation and loneliness in whatever way is necessary and are truly inspirational.

This unique pack, made with love, is for someone to be self-indulgent without guilt. It's about making time and nurturing themselves because they probably haven't been and they're worth it. This pack is about stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We would be so grateful if you shared our unique gift pack with your people and place of work in case they ever have someone that needs extra special nurturing and a bouquet of flowers just won’t cut it. You can pool together your mother’s group or friend circle to make a difference to that one person who needs support and show you care. You’ll end up feeling pretty darn good yourself. #lucipack  #likefamilyau