KID RECIPE ALERT - Let the Kids Make Dinner!

KID RECIPE ALERT - Let the Kids Make Dinner!

KID RECIPE ALERT - Let the Kids Make Dinner!

My eleven year old 'C' LOVES to cook and experiment in the kitchen and I'm trying to encourage this as much as possible as feeding the family should be a family affair! Food is important in our household and the more involved people are in the cooking process, the more they love to eat it. One advantage of screen-time is when C finds simple cooking videos - apparently no one follows recipes any more - and states he's making dinner. Bring it!

C will whip up a fried egg and throw it on a slice of fresh sourdough bread or wrap wonton wrappers around stringers and fry it in oil (apparently it's tasty although I can't vouch for the nutrient content!). As long as he taste tests it after he makes it, I give him pretty free reign to experiment. My mother used to do this with me too and I love all food so I'm continuing the tradition and can live with a bit more kitchen mess!

C found a TikTok video of easy, healthy and super tasty pasta so we went to the shops and grabbed all we needed:

4 cups cherry tomatoes (go for the big cheaper ones especially if they're close to going ripe)
Block of feta (ricotta cheese also works)
Bunch of broccolini (in the video she uses asparagus)
Olive oil
Fresh oregano (hopefully from the garden)
Fresh basil/parsley (hopefully from the garden)

Throw the tomatoes, broccolini/asparagus, chopped oregano, 1/2 the chopped garlic, feta and olive oil in a baking pan. Put it in a pre-heated oven of 180C for up to 30 minutes or when the tomatoes start to split. Heat up your favourite pasta and then stir it into the hot yummy mess with the remaining garlic and chopped basil. Serve while hot.

If you prefer a YouTube video too, go here - Baked Feta Bake.

You may not have leftovers because it's so tasty, but if you do - this dish makes an awesome lunch the next day!