Have You Tried Tapping??

Have You Tried Tapping??

Have You Tried Tapping??

This is a crazy time and it's a good time to STOP and see where you're at. Check in with yourself. This blog is called 'The Over-r-whelm' for a reason! ;)

I recently tried a new healing exercise, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as 'tapping' and I had to share it. You can do this for even 5 minutes and you'll notice a huge difference in your breathing and posture quickly. It's super for kids and adults of any age so while you've got a bit more time than normal, give it a test drive.

Go here to the Marie Forleo tapping podcast and listen in as it's not too long. If you want to jump straight to the technique, it's about 14 minutes in - make sure you're not driving. Watching the video is much easier than trying to explain it here! I find closing your eyes very effective too!

This is a great tool for your tool kit any time you feel the overwhelm kick in. Try it when you wake in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep, before a big meeting or after a scary episode. This technique resets your body back to balance so you can't do any harm at all. Be sure to try it with your kids too!

To assist, these are the 9 tapping points that Nick Ortner mentions in the podcast so you can work through them all and come back if you want a refresh: 

  1. Side of your hands (think karate chop)
  2. Inside corner of your eyebrows
  3. Side of your eyes
  4. Under your eyes
  5. Under your nose
  6. Chin
  7. Collarbones
  8. Under your arm, just below your armpits
  9. Top of your head

Take each day as it comes. You got this!
Noelle x