Who's on Your Team Helping You FLY?

Who's on Your Team Helping You FLY?

Who's on Your Team Helping You FLY?

I can feel an amazing movement in the energy all around me. This feeling of hope and something bigger as we come together in a common ground of connection. This change in both women and men enables me to literally feel the groundswell of humans coming together and wiping the slate clean to start over. To start from a personal truth and rebuild from this solid foundation instead of going in a direction that is pulling you along and is dictated by others. Trusting that the road will appear before you when it’s needed and not letting the fear of the unknown drown you is powerful. The power of this personal truth is so strong and so real. It’s beautiful.

I feel this shift among my friend and people I interact with every day as we all go deeper and get to the really good stuff and go so far beyond the surface of just getting by. Beyond all the ‘doing’ to the ‘being’ and asking better questions to find the gold in the crap. This real stuff is what gives us the strength and energy to put one foot in front of the other, when it appears there is no reason to and the obvious choice would be to give up. Two years ago a breast cancer diagnosis gave me a huge shake of the shoulders to remind me I’m still alive and still have time to make a difference, to matter, to be that change I want to see in the world. This glimpse into my own mortality shook me to the core and I no longer live in fear. I take baby steps that only give me more and more strength and has forced me to live from a place where I can only speak and feel my truth. If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it. I make decisions from my gut and the answers come with such clarity and simplicity that I can’t believe I ever lived any other way.

One of my unique abilities is to share with others on different levels to get them to look inside and help them find their why and dig deep in this internal source of power. As I’ve done this personally – it really is life changing. I life differently and am different. Building my team of cheerleaders has given me someone to hold my hand on the sidelines when I need it. They also have my back and tell me to keep going so I don’t slip back to old ways that don’t have a place. Keep doing what I’m doing. My team reinforces what I know to be true and help me go deeper and live my truth. I have this strength inside to tap into and it’s always been there but I didn’t always know this. I see this healthy perspective and harness the power to keep me on a simple path of not accepting anything less than my truth and what I know to be right for me. If you don’t already, you can also choose to live like this.

I see so many friends stopping in their tracks with real challenges that are impossible to ignore. A re-frame that gives a new perspective because there is no choice and allows you to dig deep into your unique super power that will pull you along on the path meant for you. The friend who realises that staying in a relationship because of the children doesn’t serve her and she knows that choosing herself is the only option – everybody wins. She is a lighter and calmer version of herself and even her ex is free to figure out who he is with a new freedom that can only be positive. She dug deep into that momma bear instinct because of the strong role model she wanted to be for her kids and rediscovered herself in the process. There are so many stories of people I know and interact with daily that find this resilience when they have to and they continue to inspire me and show up here in my blog so we can all learn from their strength and choices.

There’s a freedom in being yourself and letting go to jump off that scary cliff. There’s also almost always people around to help you fly and believe in yourself to live and be free, whatever that means. Once you choose your own truth, you can’t go back to your old ways. You can only put one foot in front of the other and see where it takes you and delight in this new way of living and being. Your flow. Unleashing your potential is scary and also so beautiful – trust yourself and look for the magic.

I have such a magical team that caters to all aspects of myself from the spiritual and emotional to the physical. To give you an insight into my world – some of this team includes a therapist, a coach (life, business and beyond), an acupuncturist, a naturopath, an osteopath, a physio, a chiropractor, a healer, a team of doctors and of course an unwavering group of friends and family who I’m aligned with and so many more that I continue to find and add to the mix. Those who do not serve me don’t have a place on my team and I’m always adding and letting go so my team adapts to stay as resilient as I need it to be. What works on my team won’t work for you – you need to put your own team of Avengers together. This has led me to this blog, the over-r-whelm, that I started first to help struggling parents to get through the day and quickly became therapy for myself as I’ve grown and evolved. I can’t help but share, it’s how I’m wired. This outlet has given me a way of connecting some of what is swimming in my brain enabling me to put it out there to do good. To share so that if I can help one person to love themselves more and trust themselves more and believe in themselves more, knowing they will fly.

Maybe you don’t have a team. Well I disagree, you do, you’re just not totally aware of them and they need regular nurturing and energy. It’s hard work and doesn’t just appear. Be willing to put in the time to evolve well beyond your limited imagination. Take time to think and tap into the network you already have of amazing individuals that inspire you and give you energy – not take it. This can be so powerful and there’s no turning back. I don’t have anyone in my life that doesn’t serve me and who I am. It’s helped me find a lightness and calm that is makes life so much easier and you can have the same.

I love helping others see this potential in themselves so I’m letting you know that you’re never alone. You have me. I’m there for you and I believe in you. Take the next step to prioritise your unique team and go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.