What is Your Love Language?

What is Your Love Language?

What is Your Love Language?

Better yet, what’s your partner or child’s love language? Do you know?

The 5 Love Languages Test is pure GOLD! Check it out here if you just can’t wait! There’s an adult and child version. You’ll find out a lot about those close to you and also yourself!

There are 5 different ‘languages’ that might speak to you or your loved one and once you unlock the mystery of those that are the most important to them, VOILA, you can speak to them on their level!

The languages include:

  • Words of Affirmation – these people prefer you to tell them ‘You’re Awesome’ in place of a hug!
  • Acts of Service – these people notice your actions more than your words.
  • Receiving Gifts – these people appreciate a small thoughtful note or flower from the garden.
  • Quality Time – above all these people want your time, your undivided attention.
  • Physical Touch – these people appreciate a simple touch over anything else.

Do you know what you are? I’m Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation and then Quality Time. My partner and I share Physical Touch as our priority so that’s really powerful to know (ie a massage is a lovely gift and also covers Acts of Service!). Both my kids are Quality Time so when they’re going to sleep and ask me to stay, I do and realise this is high on their love spectrum! My oldest is Words of Affirmation first so I’ve really adapted my language and make sure I’m always telling him how funny or clever he is. When you put your finger on the right mix you’ll be amazed to see how your words or actions are taken and appreciated!

Ok, want to take the test? Go here and see what you are!

Love is the most important ingredient in life in my opinion so learn how to appreciate yourself and help others appreciate you in the way you want to be communicated with. The fact that the whole family can do this is really a bonus! Let’s spread more love and get everyone doing this test and appreciating our individual qualities. Sending a super big virtual hug! You are AWESOME! x