The Overrwhelm (O.W.)…

The Overrwhelm (O.W.)…

The Overrwhelm (O.W.)…

Yes, it’s spelt incorrectly as it really is meant to be the over-r-whelm.

We all know the overrwhelm (O.W.). It can be so strong and can sneak up on you. The smallest thing can tip you over the edge and seem to be so much worse. We all need help coping and functioning in this crazy busy world as we take on too much.

I’m no different. I’m an entrepreneur, a partner (to a super guy who pitches in wherever and however he can to our family) and a mum to two awesome active boys – who love to eat, there’s never enough food (sorry off on a tangent). My theory on parenting is ‘there’s no real handbook and we’re all doing our best’. I’m a person who really cares about people and listening to them. We are all constantly in motion and juggling many balls trying to get through each day unscathed. Ever feel like this?

We all require expert organisational and planning skills to run our lives efficiently and to manage the O.W. and I want to share insights and breakthroughs I’ve found that help!

So what is the O.W.? I see the O.W. everywhere:

  • we want to do it all
  • we focus on the mundane tasks that don’t matter
  • we want to make a difference with kids/family/friends/work/world/life
  • we don’t exercise enough/eat the right food
  • we want to be our adventurous other self (that voice)
  • we want to be responsible
  • we want to be well rounded and creative
  • we want to be true to ourselves
  • we worry
  • Am I right??

I have so many conversations with that voice in my mind and with so many people I come into contact with about the O.W. on a daily basis. There must be something in that – if I can share and get a conversation going, maybe others can benefit.

Life is fast and we don’t want to miss things. Getting a better grasp on the little things and managing the O.W. brings an overall calmer state that spreads to all those around you. Then everyone is better at coping and we can enjoy life and learn to live in the present. If any insight I share along the way helps even a bit, then it’s worth sharing.

I’ll happily share my visuals for dealing, coping and surviving the O.W. Can you share your insights too?