Talking to your child in a 'connected' world

Talking to your child in a 'connected' world

Talking to your child in a 'connected' world

The world has changed so much. Not only are we connected to our phones even more to carry out the basic tasks of life, but our children are also totally addicted. Even if you have rules around usage, the tech companies spend billions (billions!?!) to keep them and us all doing this. I know how hard this is making life. We all get more and more disconnected and wonder if we're doing something wrong?

I've got teens and their 'down time' is scrolling on their phones. They're both active with sport, gym, work, school... so I feel like I need to give them a break. So I've been wondering how do I get them to connect more?

Phones and electronics aren't going anywhere, so it's navigating the world as it is knowing I can only affect those things that are in my control. I recently saw a magical video (while scrolling!?) that shared seven questions to ask your child to help you connect with them. I've been trying to weave these into conversations in the car or those precious moments that slip and out of my day. Here they are:

1. What do you think about a lot?

2. What makes you happiest?

3. How do you feel around me most of the time?

4. Is there anything about the world or people you want to understand?

5. What's your favourite memory with our family?

6. Is there anything you're worried or stressed about?

7. Is there anything you want to learn about together?

This is still a work in progress, but it's getting me thinking about how I interact with my kids, knowing our time together is limited. I'm asking myself the same questions and love the thoughts that bubble up!

Give it a go yourself and let me know if it helps or you have any feedback. We're all in this together and it really does take a village to raise a child. Let's have each other's backs and spread this love, kindness and connected-ness. XX

(Note I was so busy scribbling down the questions that I didn't write down the author - apologies and if anyone knows, PLEASE let me know as I'd love to give them the credit and a link!)