Positive Power from a Young Age...

Positive Power from a Young Age...

Positive Power from a Young Age...

My youngest son went to a yoga school holiday camp and I was keen to see what he thought. He actually thought it was a bit on the boring side, but he is a boisterous 8 year old boy – although he does love yoga. In his defense, they didn’t do any yoga animals – the camel, cat, dog – I’m not sure what kind of yoga this was as how can they not do any animals!! Anyhow, he was calm and chilled out – bonus and handed over a sheet of affirmations. Freaking AWESOME!

The 10 affirmations (see these for inspiration) are amazing and it made me realise that every single one of us needs these positive affirmations and we need to see them, say them, feel them and live them EVERY DAY! Even if they aren’t all true, saying them over and over will make them true – and they probably are true – you might just not believe it… For example, I believe in me (if you don’t you bloody should), I am perfect just the way I am (haven’t you heard – everything you need is already inside yourself!), I love myself totally and completely (if you don’t you ABSOLUTELY should so figure out how to do it!).

Now my youngest and oldest son say this (or at least see it) every morning and it’s in their frame of reference – I can’t ask for more. We want to raise beautiful humans so let’s help them LOVE THEMSELVES and teach their friends to do the same. Be sure to look at these affirmations and make them a part of your life… pure magic. You create the magic in your life so what are you waiting for??

I couldn’t copy this sheet fast enough and have since given it to all the kids on our street and anyone else who will listen to me.


1. I love my life and have lots of fun.
2. I am powerful, beautiful and smart.
3. I have lots of friends who love me.
4. I am healthy and strong.
5. I am unique and valuable.
6. I can do anything I set my mind to.
7. I believe in me.
8. I create a beautiful joyful day for myself.
9. I am perfect just the way I am.
10. I love myself totally and completely.

Positive power to the people young and old!