Fear Holds us Back...

Fear Holds us Back...

Fear Holds us Back...

I am a perfectionist and I fight this daily. If I wait for perfection I would never get anything done. None of us would.

I just finished reading the Miracle Mindset by JJ Virgin, wow, powerful stuff! I definitely recommend this inspirational read that will help you to live better and be more present (especially with your kids and isn’t this why we had them!?).

JJ talks about how making a decision can be scary and how important it is to trust your intuition. The fear is there to keep you on your toes and shows you that you are indeed moving to a new challenging level – which is a good thing! If you didn’t have fear you would never be moving out of your comfort zone. When we move into unknown territory magic happens. If we’re present and open to it we’ll see it. If we’re closed and busy and distracted we’ll miss it. We’ll miss the magic.

This is thinking with your heart (intuition) and not your head (logic). This is so hard and takes practice, but once you start doing it and are in flow, it’s magical. I can think of so many instances of this magic that is effortless where I ran into an acquaintance that connected me with someone I needed at that moment and nothing is luck. Like my good friend who just finished using a wonderful graphic designer with a new fresh artistic perspective when I asked her if she knew anyone to help with some design work – of course she did and now we’re busy making things happen and evolve. Everything happens for a reason and the way it was meant to. I totally believe this and trust this too.

If you need to make a decision, big or small, often looking backwards and questioning what you did or didn’t do doesn’t result in action. Looking forward with doubt and fear has the same result – no action. To quote JJ – ‘The only way to move forward through any challenge was to use the information I had in each moment as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the future.’

This is so powerful and is great advice to help everyone to think bigger and beyond ourselves. Why are you here? What impact will you have?

Why am I here? Since we started Fridge-to-go over 12 years ago, my dream has always been to help educate parents and their children on making healthy food choices and our lunch bags can help make this a little bit easier. Childhood obesity is a real thing and it’s so visible every day. If parents start to choose healthier foods and be great role models for their children, we can all start eating real food, having more energy and making real change. This is where I want to make a bigger impact so I’m always trying to put this out there. It’s my WHY.

What’s yours? Shoot for the moon and beyond and grab that fear by the horns and ride it all the way!