Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

I find the topic of unhealthy obsessions with food difficult to swallow (literally) and with all the media showing this even more, food is everywhere.

I love food. I love eating food and I have a great appetite because I need good food to function at my optimum. I grew up with a vegetarian mother who gave us mainly healthy choices so I know I’m lucky. My body responds to healthy food and craves it. Although I eat all food groups, I have continued this tradition of healthy food choices in my family now that I have children and my kids are good eaters. They have always been given healthy choices and we often put all the food on offer in the middle of the table and they help themselves. When they’re in control they tend to pick a larger variety of food and at least try new foods.

I’ve uploaded pictures of my food to social media from time to time when a meal was unusually AMAZING, but not on a daily basis. I'm not obsessed with food. I think my relationship with food is healthy and I try not to focus on it too much – then it’s given more attention that it deserves in my life. I love healthy food. It gives me energy, makes me feel great and powers me forward. I see the same results when my husband and boys eat beautiful food. Their behaviour is good and they’re pleasant to be around.

We’re not a big fast food family. I’m not knocking you if you are. I just believe it’s easier than ever to make healthy food choices – without breaking the bank – and every family will have different circumstances. We teach our kids that the beautiful calories they put in, gives them the beautiful energy they need to do all the amazing things they want to do. It makes me sad that you can feed your family at McDonald’s for $20. I’m not going to preach and tell you what to eat – I think you should listen to your own body and intuition. You can easily buy a whole roast chicken and coleslaw/salad at the supermarket for less than that – even choosing the organic version!

Planning makes life so much easier so get the whole family contributing and I bet you’ll see a variety of meals added to your repertoire!

How do you have a healthy relationship with food? I read about this recently so thought I’d share –

  1. Don’t beat yourself up over eating what you enjoy. Take a holistic approach.
  2. Appreciate food as we need it to stay alive. Thank you food – be grateful!
  3. Eat sitting down at a table and take 10 minutes. No one will die!
  4. Share your food goals with your family/partner so you’re both on the same page – then you’re not having to use willpower not to eat the pizza your partner ordered!
  5. Trust yourself to make good choices most of the time – not ALL of the time! Give yourself a break!
  6. Ditch the diet. Don’t get obsessed with what you can and can’t eat. Stop at 70% full like the Japanese and you’ll end up eating less.
  7. Enjoy eating. Geez, it should be a pleasure and when you have healthy real food you will feel amazing!

Now get out and move and be an amazing role model to all those around you! Healthy body, healthy mind!